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reported by: Liliana Bellini – Senior Homeopath at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy

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Case 1

‘A young lady, 17 years of age, after high doses of antibiotic treatment was left with a crippling acid reflux that was only marginally alleviated by conventional antacids. After 4 months of severe suffering and dramatic weight loss she started on 10ml of Aloe arborescens juice x3 daily and within 1 week she reported a mark improvement in her symptoms, she reduced the antacid medications by half. By the third week she had stopped her conventional drugs completely and she reported being almost back to normal. Her longstanding constipation had also cleared.’

Case 2

‘I recommended the juice to a 70 years old lady with IBS, acid reflux and chronic constipation. She had been my patient for 7 years, homeopathic remedies and supplements had helped her but not dramatically. After the first month of treatment she called me and said “the aloe juice you put me on is absolutely amazing, my bowels are calm , my acid reflux is 70% better and I’m no longer constipated, I want another bottle now!” she later added that her chronic cystitis symptoms had also settled considerably.’

Case 3

‘I suggested trying the aloe arborescens gel (Gelatina) both internally and externally for a 4 years old boy covered with eczema. His mother gently applied the gel all over his skin , mixed with just a little organic coconut oil (which she had been using already) and gave him ½ a level teaspoon of gel internally x 2 daily. Considerable improvement was noticeable within just a few days, subsequently symptoms disappeared within 2 weeks from the start of the treatment.’

‘I am very excited about the healing potentials

I recognise in the Aloe Arborescens products and I therefore have no reservations in endorsing them. Liliana Bellini, Senior Homeopath at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy.’

Liliana Bellini – Senior Homeopath at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy

Customer Testimonial:

Haven’t been using the products long enough to evaluate their effectiveness but would like to say what an efficient and helpful company this is.
My order was dispatched promptly and follow up emails, asking for information, were responded to the same day with helpful and knowledgeable information. Would recommend without hesitation.

Cancer Patient Testimonial:

I ordered the aloe from you a few months ago when my father was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. He’s over his operation now a few months but everyone is amazed at how fast he recovered, even how fast his wound healed. Daddy had his bladder and prostate removed and was able to get up and about the day after his operation. Amazing when men younger than him in the ward were unable to move. I honestly believe the aloe helped in Daddy’s recovery. Thanks so much for your product we have told others about it. Thanks so much, Shellie.

My 4 yr old was suffering from ezcema.

Our homeopath recommended ½ a level teaspoon of gel twice daily internally. We saw improvement within just a few days, symptoms disappeared within 2 weeks.

After my husband suffered a bad sunburn,

I noticed that normal aloe vera gel wasn’t helping with recovery. We switched to the Aloe Ice Gel and not only did it help to repair the skin, but the mint was much more soothing too.

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