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Hi I am Fadwa,

The Aloe Arborescens Father Zago preparation (AAFZp) was presented to me by Rossana back in the autumn of 2011 and this experience has changed my life.

I had been suffering from hyper-thyroidism for two years and was in a lot of pain during this time, I was on medication for a year after I was diagnosed by my Mothers GP, but I suffered from some side-effects. I gained a lot of weight and my immune system was so weak that I suffered from several infections on a monthly basis, at one point was admitted to hospital with severe tonsillitis!

After consuming a spoon daily of AAFZp for two months I could feel my health returning, my immune system was stronger and my energy levels had boosted. I had struggled just to do day-to-day chores and now I have started my own business, had my second child, and able to go through my daily routine of work, school runs, after school activities, housework with a lot of energy. I was actually well! Having come to trust this preparation, I started giving it to my seven year old daughter who had been suffering with digestive issues. Her symptoms subsided, now full of joy I wanted to spread the word so that everyone can ‘feel the relief’ as I did.

I truly believe aloe arborescens has a place in every household. The uses are limitless whether it’s the whole leaf or the gel inside. It is now the Aloe Ladies collective goal to bring the best quality organic aloe arborescence to our customers and their families too. The Aloe Ladies offer premium quality products at affordable prices to help you live healthier for longer.

Here is to longevity, health and happiness…

Hi I am Rossana,

I was born and brought up in Milan, Italy and as our products are from Italy, I happened to discover the Aloe Arborescens Father Zago preparation (AAFZp) after I had a severe allergic reaction to the sun. The plant was brought to my attention by a family friend who pointed out that the plant my mum used as a decorative plant on the porch would have cured me at once. I was so very surprised, as I had not slept previous nights as I was in a lot of pain, as a cream from a pharmacy had little effect.

However, when I tried the preparation the relief was almost immediate I was stunned to discover the healing power of this plant first hand!

As I am curious by nature I began researching the aloe arborescens plant and soon discovered its usage by those suffering from cancer. I have had several deaths in my family from cancer so knew first-hand how it can strip patients and their loved ones of hope. I felt a desire to take action – I was now on a mission to let everyone know about this wonderful plant and its natural healing powers.

I brought the AAFZp product back to London and offered it to a few of my closest friends, one was suffering from cancer and another had severe immune system problems. Their positive personal experiences along with their honest feedback have convinced me and Fadwa to make it our business to bring this plant to a wider audience. Together we have handpicked the very best natural products derived from the plant selecting producers who follow the original natural process from planting to harvesting to the finished product. Using skilled producers ensures consistent quality of each product in our range whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Fadwa and I are very passionate about the plant and its healing properties, so we have harnessed this drive to focus on our customers to ensure our products are of the highest standard, EU certified and tailored to our customer needs. We look forward to doing the same for you too.

Well wishes,